by Lynn "lynnibug" Rios on February 19th, 2015
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I’ve lost my mind!  This should have been posted early in January, but apparently I was asleep at the switch… or… maybe in love.  But what I wanted to do was to offer something special for you to hold fast to as you begin this New Year.  We are still in the first quarter, so here goes.

Years ago, when I first encountered the last book of the bible I understood it as a prophetic vision of the future filled with gruesome imagery. I have been reminded often through my year-long + study of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the time is near, but what that time actually is, now holds a far different meaning. As this study comes to an end, for now anyway, it is not so much about what is out there in the world, and events that we are expecting to happen, or even trials we expect to go through… It is about the same love we all felt when we experienced our own Walk to Emmaus. In that spirit, I share with you “The Lord Himself”, a poem by Annie Johnson Flint, and wish you a blessed 2015.

It is not for a sign we are watching-
For wonders above and below,
The pouring out of vials of judgement,
The sounding of trumpets of woe;
It is not for a Day we are looking,
Not even the time yet to be
When the earth shall be filled with God’s glory
As the waters cover the sea;
It is not for a King we are longing
To make the world-kingdom his own;
It is not for a Judge who shall summon
The nations of earth to his throne.
Not for these, though we know they are coming,
For they are but adjuncts of him,
Before whom all splendour grows dim.
We wait for the Lord, our beloved,
Our Comforter, Master, and Friend,
The substance of all that we hope for,
Beginning of faith, and its end;
We watch for our Savior and Bridegroom,
Who loved us and made us his own;
For him we are looking and longing;
For Jesus, and Jesus alone.

Blessings & Adventure,

Lynn “lynnibug” Rios

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